The Emotional Reunion When Family Finally Finds Their Dog After 8 Years(video)

The reunion after 8 years! (Video)
After nearly a decade, a Louisiana family found their long lost dog with the help of the Houston SCPA. Because of this microchip, Jasper is back in his family’s arms after eight years away from the loving bunch. The Hendry family, received the shocking bit of good news that their old, lost dog was alive and well from the Houston SPCA. “A couple days ago when we get a phone call from Houston SPCA, we were like, ‘Wait, what? You have our dog Jasper who went missing eight years ago? Like this cannot be real,” said Tiffany Hendry, Jasper’s owner. “After checking the pound and checking the neighborhood we just gave up hope and we just thought he was dead honestly,” Tiffany Hendry said of the long search for the dog, who went missing after escaping from the family’s yard so long ago.

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