Rare and Exotic Roosters You Won't Believe Exist

Some of the rarest and most beautiful Roosters you won't believe exist. Did you know there are over 500 different breeds of chickens in the world There'S some that are domesticated some that are wild, some are crossbred and some that have incredibly bright plumage and unique features. This video is going to concentrate on the rarer and more exotic/special ones and only on the roosters. ♥️ SUBSCRIBE and turn on notifications - https://goo.gl/vQRXAn INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/matt.r.c_ TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/wowsoamaze Bored Check out my other videos - https://goo.gl/nwrpBS All media licensed with Shutterstock, Videohive & Envato

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