List of Animals Which Exist But are Hard to Believe

Subscribe Our Channel : For Satisfaction, Watch Details of First 11 Animals: Details of Next 5 Weird Animals: Details of Next 6 Rare Species: Here are some animals which you think are fake but they are actually real and are present in this world.These animals are very rare and mostly unseen by majority of people. Some of these animals are endangered species which might get extinct if not rescued in future. 1-Glaucus Atlanticus 2-Gobi Jerboa 3-Goblin Shark 4-Indian Purple Frog 5-Irrawaddy Dolphin 6-Japansese Spider Crab 7-Lamprey 8-Lowland Streaked Tenrec 9-Mantis Shrimp 10-Naked Mole Rat 11-Narwhal 12-Okapi 13-Patagonian Mara 14-Penis Snake 15-Pink Fairy Armadillo 16-Red-Lipped Bat Fish 17-See Pig 18-Shoebill 19-Star Nosed Mole 20-Sunda Calugo 21-Superb Bird 22-The Babirusa 23-The Blue Parrot Fish And Many Other Music : The Complex by Kevin Mcleod | Royalty Free Music

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