10 Deadliest Snakes in the World

10 Deadliest Snakes in the World Subscribe To Our Channel : http://bit.ly/4EverGreen 4 Ever Green is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people, beautiful animals and cute things that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video! On 4 Ever Green, we will help you in mindset productivity, whether it's how to make more money videos, beautiful animals, cute birds or going over the biggest mansions in the world, we show everything here! Make sure to subscribe for more awesome videos every week! We have over 3000 known species of snakes in the world. However, only a fragment of that number can actually harm humans. Only 600 species are venomous Snakes are believed to have evolved from terrestrial lizards, some 174.1 million to 163.5 million years ago). As I’ve earlier stated, not all snakes are harmful. There are some you don’t want to mess with. Some are swift, others colorful, while some pack a bite so deadly it could shut down your internal organs within minutes. The number one pick for today’s video is known to be rather shy and placid, but it sits on the throne as the most dangerous reptile for good reason. Stick around to find out why. These snake's venom is also used in medicine and to cure diseases. Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green, and this time, we will be dazzling your sights with ten of the most harmful snakes to Humans. You don’t want to test these snakes unless you know what you are doing. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4EGYT Twitter: https://twitter.com/4EverGreens For more videos and articles visit our website: https://www.4evergreen.org/ family friendly pg clean #4evergreen #beautifulanimals #snakes For Any Copyright Concerns, Contact Us at our email address. We will act upon your query immediately.

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